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Enjoy 15% off advance orders now!

It is coming to the close of yet another year, and we at ThreeBrunch are incredibly thankful for your journey together with us, and great support of our artisan nut butters! If you have been thinking of a Christmas gift for your loved ones, friends or colleagues, we might have you covered with our new range of nut butters. On top of that, we are pleased to extend 15% off advance orders for the festive season! We include complimentary delivery directly to your doorstep (single location per order), together with festive greeting cards along with a short message of your choice should you wish.Simply apply the discount code SPECIAL15 at checkout to enjoy! Valid only for orders above $100 and...

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Chocolate Chip Macadamia Butter Cookies

We LOVE cookies. But then who doesn't?  The challenge was to ensure that our plans to keep fit did not get entirely derailed during times of cookie cravings. So we sent off on a mission to make cookies that were less sweet and cloying than the traditional store bought ones. We wanted healthier cookies that still tasted delicious. After some experimenting, we came up with a modification to a traditionally yummy recipe - that enabled us to cut down the usage of butter by at least 40%, traditional white sugar substituted for brown sugar and still reduced by 50%, chocolate chips for dark chocolate. With all the changes of ingredients, you'd have thought the cookies would be rather sad. But no. ...

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Creative ways 101

Enough with plain Ol' Peanut Butter already. Have you ever tried rich Almond Butter drizzled over your favourite pancakes? Or a decadent Cashew Butter with a creamy and delicious side to your salads? What about some Macadamia Butter for your baking escapades? Spice up your brunch life now, and you'll never be the same again. Even better, get your nutritional dose with these various nut butters which are pretty awesome with their vitamin and mineral content.  Check them out and try it today!

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