Chocolate Chip Macadamia Butter Cookies

We LOVE cookies. But then who doesn't? 

The challenge was to ensure that our plans to keep fit did not get entirely derailed during times of cookie cravings. So we sent off on a mission to make cookies that were less sweet and cloying than the traditional store bought ones. We wanted healthier cookies that still tasted delicious.

After some experimenting, we came up with a modification to a traditionally yummy recipe - that enabled us to cut down the usage of butter by at least 40%, traditional white sugar substituted for brown sugar and still reduced by 50%, chocolate chips for dark chocolate. With all the changes of ingredients, you'd have thought the cookies would be rather sad. But no. 

We added a jar of our Macadamia Butter to the mixture, consisting of 100% natural ingredients, no chemical additives or artificial flavours. The result was a delightful texture of crisp cookie on the exterior, yet soft and flavourful on the inside. It was sweet and nutty with the taste of Macadamia lingering, and altogether addictive! 

The mixture was enough to cater for multiple batches of cookies that were eaten all too soon. We're sad we can't share the cookies with all of you, but you're welcome to create your own healthier baked dish or dessert with our locally handcrafted ThreeBrunch Nut Butters. 

Now we'd love to hear from you on your experiments and baked yummies!

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