Crunchy Nut Butters


NEW! Your favourite nut butters now come in the Crunchy collection, of the healthy and delicious by ThreeBrunch.

With chunks of nuts included in each jar, enjoy the extra bite and complex texture of our nut butters. 

Sourced with the finest quality ingredients from around the world, all nuts are further sorted by our hand, ensuring that we only provide you with the very best. Made in small batches with lots of love and care, ThreeBrunch Crunchy nut butters contain only 100% pure nuts, unsweetened and are vegan-friendly. 

Unlike commercial peanut butters, or even nut butters, we do not add cheap fillers such as hydrogenated oils, chemicals or artificial flavouring. We believe that fresh is best, and therefore include truly all-natural, carefully curated ingredients that you can enjoy. Made with our secret recipe and process, we are pleased to be able to share the final result- crunchy, chunky, rich and deliciously healthy nut butters.

More than a bread spread, you can enjoy our butters on toast, pancakes, as a salad dressing, soaked together with overnight oats, over yogurt or as dessert toppings. They are also delicious to top off smoothies and are great for baking of cookies, bread and much more!

Handcrafted locally in Singapore, the freshness, flavour and aroma is enhanced in each spoonful as you can enjoy it shortly after it is made. Each nut butter is also unique in its flavour, texture and also vitamins and minerals. Browse through the various types of nut butter to see which fits you and your lifestyle best.