Best Sellers: Nut Butter Gift Set
Best Sellers: Nut Butter Gift Set

Best Sellers: Nut Butter Gift Set

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Made with 100% natural ingredients, our Nut Butter Gift Sets are healthy yet delicious and offer a winning combination of Almond Butter, Cashew Butter and Macadamia Butter all together. 

Not only will you get the unique flavours and texture of our signature Nut Butters, each brings different vitamins and minerals to your plate. All nut butters come with a little honey, our best selling collection.

Have some Almond Butter - a good source of Vitamin E (an antioxidant that helps to protect cells in the body and is beneficial for the hair, skin and nails), Protein and Dietary Fibre

A spoonful of creamy and rich Cashew Butter provides a source of Iron and Zinc that is great for muscle recovery.

Light and smoothly textured, Macadamia Butter is unique with its high percentage of Monounsaturated Fats, known as the good fats and also the same type found in olive oil and avocados. 

Widely versatile, try the nut butters spread over bread and layered with fruits such as bananas or strawberries for a simple meal. They can also be used with overnight oats, mixed in with smoothies or as a topping, as salad dressings, in bakes and cooking, with crackers or even on its own! 

Without any artificial flavouring, preservatives or additives, yet still tasting naturally great, our Nut Butter Gift Set is the ideal company and gift to show someone you care. A complimentary gift card is also included for each purchase of our Nut Butter Gift Set, do remember to select a design under our gifts and care packages collection, prior to check out.